In all course, every lecture session will have assessment like fill in the blank, optional, answer briefly and even video presentation. Every learner can compare their performance, feedback and they can keep the assessment performance in private or even can share. They will be mentored according to performance and can even quit the assessment

Parent monitoring

We are providing a course to school students, which can be monitored and guided by the parents. They can monitor their course, time spending, and performance. They will be having a parent account which linked to the child account which is applicable only under 18 year's old learner.

Course Certificate

All successful learners' after completing they will be getting the successful course completion certificate with learner performance from the course hosted institutions or universities and individual experts.

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Why Choose Us As A Partner

CHUVADI welcomes universities or institutions, Individual Expert and Corporate to join hand with us to host a course for a students' or public learners'

Building global community

As an institution or universities limited with admission and students' strength. We help you to take your course to infinity student strength and it will make millions of students dream to come true.

Breaking all the barrier

Join us to break limited classroom, student strength, schedule and only successful or privileged students can admit in quality education. We provide a platform to connect all global student.

Public is a Judge

We help to prove a quality of your education service among the student and parent community in the global standard which will help your organization to grow in the educational world.

What We Offer

Chuvadi is an online education course portal which connects all educational institutions, universities and professional to teach and enlighten the students' community and public learners in world-class quality.

Regional syllabus

Chuvadi will educate all the global students from the different region, motive, stream and even grade. To benefit them, we have developed an online course to match all regional universities and school syllabus which help the students to develop the knowledge and score higher in the exam.


6,500 languages spoken all around the world, while 2,197 are spoken in Asia and in India alone 122 major languages in that 30 languages are spoken by more than millions of native speakers. We present our lecture not only in English but also in regional and multiple languages to the learners'.


1 billion people are disabled in any form all around the world which is 15% of world population and in India alone, 21 Million people are disabled. Our online course helps them access the lecture easily to educate, set a career and to get a job.

Physical education

Physical education is a common goal providing to the students in the modern education system which will help the students to grow a fitness, healthy and to improve them in sports. Physical education is not limited only to gym hall or playground, it becomes an infinite space because of online training.

Extra - curriculum

Activities out of academic help the students to develop them in the unique field and more successful in future. We provide a course on dance, music, painting, gardening etc. from the reputed institution or expert.

Education to adult

Our service is open to everybody, not only students. We are providing a course to graduate, retired person and even to household women to achieve their goals like carrier development, childcare, family management etc.

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