Chuvadi welcomes Educational Institutions, Individual Expert and Corporate to join hand with us to host a course for a students' or public learners'. We openly welcome all categories, stream, departments and even any unique idea to enlighten a society. We provide a support like visual media, marketing, content making, feedback from the learner's, advertisement, learner's monitoring, quality assessment and course management. We are building an online education to all global learners' and not fixing barriers like a number of lecturer in course, lecture language; even multiple languages, course learners' age or qualification and stream or a department. If you are willing to launch as non-profit course then our service will be completely free for the course and even learners' will learn the course for free of cost.

How To Become A Partner

Chuvadi grandly work with any Prestigious Universities or Institutions willing to host a course in their Specialization to benefit any kind of Global Learners.

Chuvadi broadly join hands with an individual expert with any field interest like Doctorate, Retired Person, Celebrity, Author, Artist and wide experienced Personality.

Chuvadi is glad to collaborate with Corporate for a hosting an online education for the Employees' Benefit, Research, CSR, Product Testing, Software Training etc.

Partner's Benefits

  • Online Popularity
  • Sharing idea about your  Program
  • Infinity course admission experience
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Employees training course
  • Infinity Revenue
  • Testing and Validation
  • Advertisement
  • Social awareness
  • Gateway for academic admission

Our Partners









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