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Know About Chuvadi

Chuvadi is an online educational provider start-up established in 2017, We are providing online education for school, college students and to public learners from best Education institution, Corporate and Expert / Retired Professional.
Online Education or e-Learning is providing an educational online service to the learners; service like lecture video, course document, discussion form, assessment, assignment etc.
· Learning anytime, anywhere and anything · Can build a big global likeminded community · Making possibility to learn easily even rare learning course · Less cost, high flexibility, and all support will be provided as in live classes · Easy to judge and evaluate the course provider quality for the academic admission and advanced courses
Chuvadi is going to attract big gap in the Indian Market by providing the service like Regional syllabus, Multilingual, Disability-friendly, Physical education, Extra – curriculum and Education to adult
Educational Institution / University ·Corporate Expert / Retired Professional

Making Courses

Chuvadi will be a single destination for an online course for various categories and stream, which make your online course too easy to market and easy to sell your online course. Our complete support commission will be less than your independent host.
Chuvadi online course will attract both school/college student. So, you can easily prove your quality of the Institution through outreach your course, campus, faculty, research labs etc., which will help your academic admission enroll.
Chuvadi will provide a support to provide an online course to the employee’s, testing products like software, equipment etc., marketing, advertisement, Social awareness.
Chuvadi will extend the support to the individual professional to share the experience, idea and to build a young community through enlightening them.
Chuvadi welcome to host a Non-Profit or Free Online Course from organisation/individual for any kind benefit to society and we are happy to provide our support free of charge and even learners will learn course for free of cost.
Chuvadi will attract all kind of student across the globe irrespective of language, region, age and qualification. We are ready to host course even for the parent’s, homemaker, professional, senior citizen and even any kind of learner’s.

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